Slavery Act

Human Rights

Modern slavery is a crime under international law and a violation of fundamental human rights. Slavery, forced labour and human trafficking have in common the deprivation of an individual's liberty in order to exploit them for personal gain.

Dwebox is commited to achieving its goals, aims and objectives by adopting practices which combat slavery and human trafficking. We do not, and will not, tolerate the use of slaves in the manufacture of our products, in our supply chain or in any other part of our business.


Dwebox is a company which expects everyone working with us to support the following measures safeguarding modern slavery:

  • Have no-tolerance to modern slavery in the company and its supply chains
  • The detection and report of any modern slavery practices within the organisation, or the supply chain is a shared responsibility
  • Workers must not facilitate or fail to report activities leading to a breach of the modern slavery act
  • Avoid purchasing goods or services from suppliers that are believed to be engaging in human trafficking or slavery if the supplier does not take the corrective actios to comply with the modern slavery act
  • From time to time we will audit compliance with the anti-slavery provisions of our suppliers